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theCalc wins Europe Pocket PC Award

(Jan 2003)

theCalc is designed to be the only Calculator you need on your mobile device:  
  • Scientific Calculator - perform sophisticated calculations using RPN (Reversed Polish Notation after Polish mathematician Jan Lukasiewicz in the 1920's).
  • Mini Calculator - designed to be small, helpful and easy to use for fast calculations; plus: floats on top of other modes and applications.
  • Unit Conversion - convert between lots of units and currencies.
  • Base Conversion - convert numbers between decimal, binary, hexadecimal, octal and a user-definable base notation.
  • IP Calculation - calculate the hosts, subnets and subnet mask based on your desired type of network, or enter an IP address and subnet mask to get the 'slashed' subnet, network & broadcast address.
  • Finance Calculator - calculate which rates and interests you have to repay, or how many years it will take you to become a millionaire ;-).
  • Tip Calculator (new) - unique location-based tip calculation! Calculate the appropriate tip based on your current whereabouts and on your satisfaction, and easily split the bill among a group of people.
theCalc is a PocketPC 2000 & 2002 application and has been tested with Compaq iPaq 3870 and 3630.
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