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Before downloading theCalc, make sure you meet all the prerequisites:
  • PocketPC 2000 or 2002 Device

To install, simply download theCalc to your disk and then execute the Setup.

If you have already installed a different language or version, simply re-install theCalc and all your settings will be preserved.

theCalc is a Shareware program - you can "try before you buy".
You may test the software for a limited period of time (30 days), and if you like it and continue to use it afterwards, you should obtain a registerd version to support the authors in their continuing development effort.

Buy theCalc

A registered version of theCalc can be obtained via Handango for a fee of 14.95 US Dollar.
  • When buying a registered version, you will be asked to provide your Owner Name (which appears in the "Owner" field on your Pocket PC's Today screen, or can be found on your iPaq under "Settings | Owner Information") and you will then receive a registration code.
    Note: If you do not have an Owner Name currently entered into your Pocket PC, then you will need to create one at this time.
  • Your registration code is the same for all languages.

  • You can enter the registration code in the screen that pops up on program start, or via the "Help|About" menu of theCalc.

  • After registering, the initial popup screen will not be displayed anymore, and you will be able to use theCalc immediatly after starting it.

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Try theCalc

To get information as soon as there are new versions and to download theCalc, simply fill out the following form:

First Name     Your Data will be treated personal
and under no circumstances will we give it away!
Last Name  

To obtain a German version, please switch to the German site. Attention: The latest version 1.2 is currently available in English only!

When you use the unregistered version of theCalc, an initial screen (where you can enter the registration code) will pop up every time you start the application. Apart from that, there are no functional limitations, i.e. you can really try all of theCalc's functionality.

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