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theCalc wins Europe Pocket PC Award!

January 2003: theCalc is voted the best Calculator & Convertor at the Europe Pocket PC Award 2003.

Past News-Items

theCalc v1.2 released!

November 13, 2002: theCalc 1.2 is now available for download on this site and at Handango.

  • theCalc now contains a Tip Calculator offering a unique location-based tip calculation:
    • The appropriate tip amount is calculated based on your current whereabouts and your satisfaction.
    • You also get extra information per country about which tip is expected for taxis or whether the hotel or restaurant bill already includes the service charge.
    • You can easily split the bill between the people in your group.

  • Fixed a rounding-bug in the calculator (commas not cut off anymore).
  • In addition to ARM processors, theCalc now also runs on SH3 and MIPS devices.

theCalc v1.1 released!

September 26, 2002: theCalc 1.1 is now available for download on this site and at Handango.
The following improvements were made:

  • program now also works on PocketPC 2000 devices
    (tested with Windows CE 3.0.9)
  • fix of registration problem
  • fixed minor issues with help file

theCalc v1.0 released!

September 9, 2002: Initial release of theCalc 1.0 (first major release).